God is holy and anybody who must approach Him must do so in utter spiritual cleanliness. So according to the Bible verse of discuss which says that, anybody who has to approach God must consecrate themselves because God is a hallowed being. Anyone who must please God must be on the same page with the most high God. Believing that the words God has declared unto an audience are true and reliable is a quality God always sought in Men. A person considered as worthy by God must have a perfect heart connection with God. Everything God has promised such a person who He considers worthy must a believer of those things declared absolutely without questions or doubts.

The only requirement  needed to

The only requirement needed to please God is faith and believe in God’s instructions. If a little check is carried out into the new testaments, such verses whereby Jesus declared that people are cleansed by the words they have heard. This assertion by Jesus exhibits the fact that accepting Gods commands and verbal issues is what executes the real purification. It is the word of God that does everything, from spiritual cleaning to healing and all kinds of miraculous phenomenon . So, when anybody hears God’s word and put them to heart, it becomes a purifier of the spirit of such listener because it means this person has dropped their own thoughts in preference for God’s thoughts. This means dropping your own ideas in the appearance of God’s ideas. Nothing honors God as much as accepting his words absolutely without questions or doubts.

Verse Leviticus 20.7 

In the Book of Hebrews, it is written that Abraham believed God and it was recorded for him as righteousness when a careful evaluation of the Bible is done, it becomes apparent that God is seriously interested in the Faith of Men. God is Holy and his words are Holy, this fact that is declared in many places that’s God and his words are same. So when the creator of heaven and Earth speaks to his people or his followers, they are expected to accept those words completely without turning aside or doing mental evaluation.. Adam began to have problems with God because he disobeyed Gods orders. The Lord said to Adam, of all the trees of the garden of Eden you may eat, except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God warned that, the day Adam transgresses against this command he will surely die.

During the era of old covenant, the purification process was largely physical and bodily but a new arrangement has been brought into existence in the new covenant. When the old testament was given to the children of Israel, the law where restricted to them and no other tribe outside the twelve tribes of Israel shared in the Laws. But in the new testament which extends to the current age all races, tribes and ethnic group are now included in this grace. The purification process is now spiritual, it has moved to the heart. God now cleanses men by his words. When people accepts Gods words into their heart , they become clean and righteous.