Verse Judges 6.22 When Gideon Real ...

Verse Judges 6.22 When Gideon Real

When Gideon realized it was the angel of the Lord, he exclaimed shows that Gideon was shocked when an angel appeared to him. Gideon was the son of Joash who was chosen by God to save the Midianites from slavery. He was from a tribe that was the smallest and his family was not really well up. Gideon would not expect that God would choose him since he thought of himself worthless and low among the Israelites. An angel appears to him when he is threshing millet in the compound and he cannot believe it. He is filled with shock and thoughts of why only Him was qualified for the Lord’s mission and that comes as a surprise to him.

Alas, sovereign God I have seen

Alas, sovereign God I have seen the angel of the Lord face to face. These are words that express the shock that Gideon has having seen an angel. He cannot believe and even calls out to the Most High God in shock and disbelief. God always sees hidden potential in His servants who think that they are low and do not deserve glory and favor. The Lord does not function like a human being who always consider the status and greatness that one has. What God goes for is purity of the heart and their faith whom He is sure that He can get full confidence in. God needed the son of Joash to obey all that He instructed and stop questioning His commands since that is not the right way of doing things.

Verse Judges 6.22 When Gideon Real

Jehovah always has His own reasons as to why He chooses some people over others to do His works and that is a secret only known to Him. When the Lord decides to pick up anyone, they have no authority to go against His will or start giving excuses as why they do not qualify for the job. He got angry at Zachariah for doubting the fact that his wife would bear him a son and made him dumb until the day John was born. God does not joke about anything that He tells to His servants and any word that comes out of His mouth must be accomplished and nobody can stop that.

Christians should know well not to doubt the words of God or try to question His authority. He always has His own reasons and means of choosing those who qualify to do His works and going against His commands is calling for severe punishment. Those that humans consider worthless or lowest are the ones God regards with respect and brings to the light what is hidden in them so that He puts the devil to shame. Jehovah uplifts the needy to eat and feast with kings because He is the Lord and is capable of doing anything without anybody stopping it. The wise will always obey His word without turning back and avoid questioning His motives since that gets Him on His nerves. Abraham was always rewarded by God because He followed God’s word fully without complaining.