Verse 2 Chronicles 35.11 The Passover Lam ...

Verse 2 Chronicles 35.11 The Passover Lam

Josiah had done an historical restoration of godly conduct, he had lived up to the standards which his mentors had taught him, he had delivered as a ruler. Israel was lost and everything in their land was clumsy, the kings before him had spoilt their people with various acts of ungodly conducts. But, this young ruler had come to restore his forefather’s pride, his good counsel really did many worthy and priceless things for him. The lead Levites had discovered those ancient godly books which contains the laws which the Israelites were to follow. They discovery looked accidental but it was surely because God wanted them to discover the books, and see what they would do with that.

The chief of Levites at his

The chief of Levites at his time was a man of discipline and he was happy to fine the historical and sacred writing, he eventually announced this discovery to the king. This young and obedient king was happy for his country because a new order was to come to the land upon their new findings, he was so happy. So, he called people to himself and informed all of them about the new book, and told his servants what must be done to make sure each of the things written will be done. Fortunately, the people were happy that the book of the law has been found, and the ones who initially had no direction, will definitely be guided by this.

Verse 2 Chronicles 35.11 The Passover Lam

Their country was to be restored to a lawful one, they will have to put away all the illegal idols which they possess and had always consulted. Josiah was thrilled by the new direction that his country is taking, he had wished for a better nation since he was taught well by the good counsel. Discovering the ancient law and following was his priority, this is part of the things he was taught as a fair young man from a good heritage. The godly way, obeying rules and living life that portrays what Jehovah want for his people, these were the teachings that those wise old men delivered to this young lord. Upon getting their sight on this scroll, they immediately read the content out for people who are in within the city, as the King gave them the order.

They read and discovered they haven’t followed most of the laws contained within this, they had been lost for a long time, due to their misleading predecessors. So, the Levites and Josiah reached a consensus that they would take the contents of this scroll as serious as possible, and will obey everything required. Then, the King set up merriment as a form of thanksgiving for their new success of discovering knowledge of the real facts about their godliness. Their merriment was for good purpose, their joy was for the appreciation of the fact that they were lost and now their path is on the right movement. Josiah’s enthusiastic approval of the induction of their ancient precepts was greatly rewarded by God, he love his contributions to the change that had come to his people